The Team

A company is only as good as its employees. They are experts in their field and contribute their knowledge and experience to a team. We at TSC GmbH see ourselves as a flexible, dynamically growing company that offers you focused and competent advice.

Peter Loy, Managing Director

+49 (0)2762 988376-5

Michael Kastens, Managing Director

+49 (0)4795 957-1082


Peter Bilstein, General Manager

+49 (0)2762 988376-0
+49 (0)175 2044587

Andreas Beckmann, Sales (Auth. Rep.)

+49 (0)2762 988376-6

Vanessa Debus, Sales (Auth. Rep.)

+49 (0)2762 988376-1

Lena Gerfert, Order Processing

+49 (0)2762 988376-8


Michael Kastens, Managing Director

+49 (0)4795 957-1081

Klaus Geilke, Sales

+49 (0)4795 957-1084

Dorothea Sievers, Order Processing

+49 (0)4795 957-1085


Jane Wu, General Management

+86 (0)13962 468660


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Alte Waldstraße 9
57482 Wenden

Managing Director: Peter Loy
Managing Director: Michael Kastens

Trade register: District Court of Siegen (Commercial Register (B) 8537)

Phone: +49 (0) 2762 988376-0


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